M-1 Challenge

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M-1 challenge vision is to be recognized throughout the world as a respected MMA entity driving the recognition and legitimacy of MMA as an independent sport. M-1 challenge discovers tomorrow’s new talent through today’s efforts with the M-1 challenge tournaments held across Europe, North America and Asia. M-1 goal is searching, finding and developing new, marketable fighters that demonstrate spectacular athleticism in their performances.

About M-1 Challenge

Some of the Fighters that participate in are Vinny Magalhaes, Tom Gallicchio, Aaron Meisner, Guram Gugenishvili, Alexander Sarnavskiy, Mairbek Taisumov, Yasubey Enomoto, Shamil Zavurov and Magomed Sultanakhmedov are evidence of the caliber of athletes competing inside the M-1 Global ring. The M-1 brand, on the territory of the former Soviet Union, has the same weight as the UFC does in the United States. There are many European territories, such as the Ukraine and Georgia, which are starting to develop MMA in their jurisdictions specifically under the M-1 brand. M-1’s first goal is to assist these new markets develop in their own right so they can begin feeding the M-1 Global organisation with fighters who are coming up through the ranks in their respective countries; these fighters will then find themselves with opportunity to fight on the promotion’s larger international stage. As Europe’s leading MMA promotion, M-1 Global believes the sport should be more than just exclusive organizations where fighters never have the opportunity to meet each other, where promotions compete against each other but never work together. M-1 Global represents the unification of all MMA fighters without the consideration of which organization they are fighting for. This is something actively practice by sharing fighters with other organizations: Dream in Japan, Strikeforce in the U.S., etc. It is what M-1 Global considers to be the future of the sport; a sport where there aren’t exclusive organizations but rather a working collaborative where the best fighters in the world get to fight each other.