B1B Action Television / HD

B1B Action Television  HD offers a unique blend of action and adventure  sport including top bouts in mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, boxing,  kickboxing, martial art, car shows, kart racings as well as reports, live tournaments and  competitions. 

B1B Action Television represents an exponential growth opportunity for operators to access a wide variety of live and premium sport content, enhance market reach, increase subscriber’s base and generate additional revenues at the lowest operational costs. 

Not only B1B Action Television HD is added value to any basic package but can also generate tremendous revenues in extended basic tiers, premium and pay-TV offering. 

For operators who wish to include B1B Action Sport HD in their cable or DTH platform please contact Sabrina SAHEL by E-mail at tv@b1b.tv or by phone at:  

Tel. : + 31 433 900 105  Mob. : + 31 647 685 338