LIVE: Seminar by MGP & Carlton Lieu

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LIVE - on our TV channel and on our website Muay Thai seminar by Muay Thai Grad Prix and World Tournament champion Carlton Lieu on September 30th at 18:00.

On September 30th from 6 pm you can attend a seminar featuring world champion Muay Thai Carlton Lieu and founder of Muay Thai Grand Prix - Phili Tieu.
The idea of ​​this, as well as the next workshops of Muay Thai Grand Prix Bulgaria, is to display and clear practical techniques and strategies.
The seminar is free and open to everyone who wants to touch the Muay Thai and, above all, his practical part.
The seminar will be broadcast live on our TV channel and on our website as well as on Facebook.

And here is the program for the seminar with guests Carlton Lieu and Phili Thieu:
- How to score and win in the professional Muay Thai
- How to defeat an attacking fighter
- How to beat an opponent relying on hand punches
- How to defeat a fighter with a back guard
- How to beat a higher opponent
- How to beat an opponent with a K1 style of play

Location: Fighting Healthy Body in Dianabad
Start: 18:00
Duration: 2 hours
Entry: Free

With the special support of BCCMB.