LIVE: National Boxing League II

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National Boxing League Efbet - Bourgas in direct broadcast on our web site and on our TV channel, on October 26th at 19:30.

One of the biggest projects continues its development in Bulgaria - National Boxing League Efbet. The boxing tournament itself allows our boxers to show their technical and physical skills, and in the meantime all of them are trying to reach the 1st place.

This time, 4 teams are taking part in the competition, boxers with excellent skills and until now only the first round of the tournament has passed and has been won by the "Lions" team, winning a 5-4 win against the "Hanover".

This year's tournament includes the best boxers of Bulgaria, who create a real spectacle through their boxing in the ring.

We at B1B will broadcast it again LIVE on our TV channel and on our web site, which you can watch on October 26th at 19:30!