LIVE: State Muay Thai Championship Varna

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State Muay Thai Championship in direct broadcast from the city of Varna on our TV channel and on our web site B1B LIVE subscription.


Varna will be the host of State Muay Thai Championship 2018th organized by the Bulgarian Confederation of Kickbox and Muay Thai.

Athletes of all age groups and categories will participate in the championship. The event will take place on 02 December at 10:00 am at the "Yunashka Salon" Hall and we at B1B take the responsibility to live broadcast the most interesting of the state championship.
The Championship can be watched live on our TV channel and online on our website.
To watch the tournament online you need to sign up on our website and claim "Live subscription", the subscription costs $ 9.99 and gives you access to our online broadcasts for 6 months.