LIVE: Grand Fight Arena - 01 December at 20:00

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The newest Bulgarian Grand Arena Fight starts with 4 K1 style and 4 MMA style fights - Watch LIVE only on our TV channel, B1B VIP or B1B Live.

By the last days it became clear that Bulgarian Georgi Valentinov will come out in the ring against Joao Paulo "Roy" Silva (Brazil), which will take the place of his previous opponent Valentinov, Guillermo Kadena Martins.

Silva has 12 matches, including 10 wins and 2 losses. The professional tournament will take place on December 1st, Sofia in"Axis Arena" Hall. All this can be watched only on B1B, on our TV channel and on our website via B1B VIP or Live subscription. (subscription can be purchased after 26.11)

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Christian Korunchev vs. Kuriakos Karamplelas - 77 kg. - K-1
Marian Dimitrov vs. Jao Paulo "Bomba" de Carvallo - 84 kg. - MMA
Atanas Bozhilov vs. Thanos Throuvalas - 73 kg. - K-1
Vladislav Kanchev vs. Washigton Nunes da Silva - 77 kg. - MMA
Anton Petrov vs Pilao Santana - 67 kg. - K-1
Radoslav Karashev vs. Plamen Penchev - 84 kg. - MMA
Daniel Iliev vs. Jordan "The Prophesy" Smith - 84 kg. - K-1
Georgi Valentinov vs. Paulo "Roy" de Moura e Silva -77 kg. - MMA