Grand Fight Arena - results

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The organizers of the Grand Fight Arena with a successful gala evening and ring win.

Here are the results of the evening:
Georgi Valentinov vs Joao Paulo Souza Roy - Victory for Valentinov on points 3-0 judging votes

Daniel Iliev vs Jordan Smith - win for Iliev with knockout in round number 2

Plamen Penchev vs. Radoslav Karashev - victory for Penchev

Anton Petrov vs. Pilao Santana - Victory for Petrov with 3-0 judging votes

Vladislav Kanchev vs. Washington Nunes da Silva - win for Kanchev, through a first round

Atanas Bozhilov vs. Thanos Truvalas - Victory for Bozhilov by 3-0 referee decision

Marian Dimitrov vs. Paulo de Carvalho - victory for Dimitrov with knockout

Christian Korunchev vs. Kirakos Karamplelas - victory for Korunchev, through a referee decision

Julien Marinov vs. Lyubomir Delev - victory for Marinov, through 3-0 judging votes


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