10 boxing fights we want to see in 2019 - №2

Boxing news

Under number two we put the meeting between Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez.

It will definitely be a spectacular boxing clash and a 3rd match between them. So far they have scored 2 results, the first match being equal and the second with a very close result, but the win was given to Canelo Alvarez. Daniel Jacobs is one of Alvarez's new opponents, but it seems that there are unfinished deeds between him and the Kazakhstan. Many of Golovkin's fans believe that his next meeting should be outside the United States, but the history of boxing remembers many encounters that are wrongly handed down, bad decisions, and so on. Mistakes happen and will be there, but whether they are coming to the United States or another country, it would not matter much.
Golovkin will turn to 37 in April, but this is not a factor either. We all remember Manuel Marquez knocking Manny Pacquiao for 4 rounds, and Marquez was 39 years old.