King's of Strenght


New records in King's of Strenght!

The Second Edition of the Silk Sport Promotions Season Produced by Kiril Valchev "The rock" with the participation of Yordan Yovchev, held in the Aqua Park St. Petersburg, Plovdiv, has been incredibly successful. The Race and Bucket Race includes dozens of enthusiasts, people from 7 to 52 years of age, full of desire and energy, surpassing themselves, revealing their amazing opportunities.The winner is the 38-year-old Svetlozar Vennev from Sofia made a smile with 115 pots, shattering with his double the highest score, gold and silver medalists in a street gym. The record was made by 42-year-old opera singer Stoyan Bonchev, the winner in the raider race for the big prize.

A big fight was played with the girls, 9-year-old blonde Nicole Ophagenova and 7-year-old Nikol Yankova gave everything to the charmed audience. Women's winner Bilyana Koleva 22-years-old, from Stara Zagora, was caused by blondes La Risa and Lisa from Kazakhstan with 60 buckets of the parallel.


Show for the audience and the participants made the winner of 4 gold and 3 silver medals, 18 year old Valentina Tarane and the ladies' ovations went to the attractive 21-year-old Michel Doicinov from Sofia. In the disputed race for the teenagers, Petko Tsopano 18 years from Velingrad and the 14-year-old Georgi Toporski won the children's competition. The event received a wide media response and an initial impetus for the September tour scheduled for Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. TV show premieres will be broadcast during the new season in B1B Action TV.