Goergiev vs Ottaviano

MMA - Kumite 1 League

Bulgarian fighter Kamen Georgiev meets Martin Ottaviano in India.

The Kumite 1 League is an MMA organization on the territory of India, supported by a World Kickboxing Network.

We will soon be able to watch Kumite 1 League gala matches, but the most interesting for us will be Kamen Georgiev's match against Martinez Ottaviano.

Georgiev has a personal record of: 25 wins and 10 losses, while Ottaviano has a personal record of 9 wins and 4 losses.

We will hold our fingers and we will be in front of the small screen in support of Kamen Georgiev, who is definitely the more experienced of the two athletes!

Mike Tyson will be present at the gala in the evening.

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