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Girl Power kickboxing tournaments.

Girl Power is a series of kickboxing tournaments organized by the World Kickboxing Network - WKN.

As is clear from the name of the tournament, only women, in a pre-announced category (personal weight), take part in it.

Competitors must have 3 matches for one night, respectively - quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. It is these 3 meetings which show us which of the athletes are best prepared physically, mentally and technically. At each kickboxing meeting, there are 3 preselected judges who have the task of scoring each match, and one senior referee at the meeting who follows each close meeting.

Each participant in the tournament fights for the WKN title as well as proving and showing its excellent sports shape.

Girl Power Series Tournament:

Girl Power 1 - Latvia, Liepaja - winner Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway)

Girl Power 2 - Bulgaria, Stara Zagora - winner Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France)

Girl Power 3 - Bulgaria, Sunny Beach - winner Irem Akim (Turkey)

Girl Power 4 - Bulgaria, Varna - winner Tereza Dvorakova (English)

Girl Power 5 - Bulgaria, Stara Zagora - winner Irem Akim (Turkey)

Girl Power 6 - Bulgaria, Sunny Beach - winner Jessica Puglisi (Italy)

We look forward to the next tournament of these series Girl Power 7, which you can watch on our TV channel and on our website, LIVE on October 19th at 17:00!