Djoshua vs Povetkin

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Anthony Joshua vs. Alexander Poketkin on 22th of September.

Alexander Potketkin revealed that while he was a younger, he was heavily inspired by the martial arts movies, and that's one of the reasons that led him to the professional ring.

The Russian will face Anthony Joshua on September 22 in a heavyweight boxing match.

One of the sparring partners of him is the unbeaten boxer Daniel Dubis, who despite being a compatriot of Joshua, helps in preparing Povetkin.

In a statement to the media, Povetkin made several comments:

"And for a moment, I did not think I'd come out defeated in this match, and I just want to get out of the ring and win this match."

"I have two possible scenarios for meeting Joshua - he will decide to be aggressive throughout the meeting or keep a distance."

"We have predicted both scenarios, we are ready for everything."

"I will seek victory at all costs, because it is most important to me!"