Kamen Georgiev - interview

Kumite 1 League

Bulgarian participant in Kumit 1 league!

Kamen Georgiev will take part in the Kumite 1 League - MMA evening organized in India with the support of WKN (World Kickboxing Network).
You can watch the live tournament only on B1B Action television and on our website!

Interview by Kamen Georgiev:

1. What is your full name, Age, Education and Qualifications ?
My name is Kamen Georgiev and I have master degree in Economics . Age does not matter if you want to fight, as they say: “Age is just a number”!.

2. Where do you come from?
I am from Bulgaria, Sofia . That’s where I train with my team, in the famous MMA club “Fight club Bulgaria”, where World champions in various martial arts, work hard on a daily basis.

3. What is your family background? Who supported you in this process?
Within my family, everyone helps with what they can, also I receive great help from my subordinates who train every day with me in “Fight club Bulgaria”. They have helped me a lot during the years with their knowledge and experience.

4. Why MMA and not any other sport?
I am national competitor and world champion in 3 other styles, but MMA is most completed martial arts for me because techniques from many styles are combined and that’s what I love about it!

5. How did u get into MMA?
Many years ago, I saw videos of the first MMA fights in Russia, USA and Japan. After seeing them it was love at first sight !

6. Where do you see yourself in another 5 years from now ?
I am a fighter and a MMA coach now, so I intend to keep doing it.

7. Who is your inspiration and role model?
I don’t have a single one. I try to catch the bets from every successful fighter!

8. How was your Economic condition before MMA & how is it now ?
No difference. Before and now I am working as chief accountant to keep my economic condition in normal range.

9. Is there a Legacy in your family?
My kids train with me but it’s not like they want to continue my legacy. They have their own dreams and I respect that!

- Your thoughts about Mike Tyson & what it means for you to have his presence felt in the K1L.
**Now, I think about my fight and I am fully concentrated on my opponent. I am very happy that Kumite 1 League organized that competition and invited such great people at the event.

Message for your supporters and MMA fans ?
*Thank you for your support in all time.

- Your message to the audience.
* Prepare for a great spectacle!