Balkans Drift Super Cup - Varna

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Top drift pilots from 5 countries face each other for the Balkan Cup!

Top drift pilots from 5 countries face each other for the Balkan Cup!

Schedule of the race:

📆 September 15 (Saturday)
16:00 - 17:30 - Free Training (Top 16)
18:00 - Official opening
18:30 - Finals Top 16
19:30 - Red Bull Kart Fight Bulgaria 2018
21:00 - Finals Top 8
22:00 - Awarding Ceremony

Watch LIVE on our TV channel and on our website - September 15 at 18:00!

Drift pilots from five countries will join the Balkans Drift Super Cup, including Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Turkey. The first edition of the competition will be held at the karting track of Varna on September 15, with the best Drift pilots in the Balkans. The competition will be attended by 35 pilots from 5 countries. Each of them has received an individual invitation based on his successes and achievements in the sport so far.

The qualifications and finals of the Balkans Drift SuperCup will be held in the night, just under the spotlight. The champion of the race is well-known as a commentator of Formula 1 - Momchil Manchev. He will introduce us to more details about the technical specifics of the cars, as well as information on the achievements of the pilots and their development so far.

The rating is also at the highest possible level - in particular Mike Procureur, the founder and judge of the European Drift Championship King of Europe and the King Of Nations World Drift Championship, arrives in Bulgaria for the Balkan Drift SuperCup.

The European champion Pavlin Penev is two-time European champion Alexander Yazov, who will surprise everyone will be led by Stefan Petrov. Among the participants are Krassimir Stefanov (three-time champion of Bulgaria), Stefan Stefanov (Bulgaria's double champion and champion of Romania), Silvio Gotsev and the boys from Mirafiori Team - Stefan Tzankov- Archi and Stefan Zashev, and others.

In both days during the competition will be held the final of the biggest kart competition Red Bull Kart Fight Bulgaria 2018. Tickets are sold in the days and place of the event - Karting track Varna, with each purchased ticket visitors receive gift - discount card at petrol stations Petrol.

A day before we will see some of the participants from Balkans Drift SuperCup in a stunning drift show!