Alvarez vs Golovkin

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Canelo Alvarez "I know how to use my anger against my opponets."

Cannelo Alvarez and his opponent Gennadi Golovkin arrived at MGM Grand in Las Vegas yesterday.

Alvarez speaks to the media: "I am angry with all the stupid things they said at my address, I do not know if I should laugh or I should get angry with, but their statements will be directed against them when they lose on Saturday. I use all of these statements as a motivation for my upcoming meeting I can be dangerous to myself in the ring after all their words but I am experienced enough not to make that mistake. I know how to use my anger intelligently during a meeting. I am happy with the support of all my fans and I can promise them a great meeting at Saturday night. "

Golovkin also went out to the media and said: "Mexico's Independence Day is a big holiday for boxing and its fans. I'm a professional. I'm not nervous, but I'm very excited to be able to defend my titles on a national holiday of Mexico for third time in my career. My Mexican fans like real fighters and true heroes. This can be a rematch but it will be different, better and more grandiose. This fight is the most important in my whole career. I'm strong and healthy. I went through my best boxing camp. Why I should not be happy? If Canello gives me a chance and will go boxing the way he said I would knock him out. It's time for the big drama Show). "