Canelo with victory over Golovkin

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Cannelo Alvarez with the win of Genadi Golovkin.

Twelve months after their first meeting, they have step up to the ring again, considered to be one of the worst judged encounters in the history of boxing. Middleweight "King" Gennady Golovkin and Canello Alvarez stood against each other in a rematch in Las Vegas.

Golovkin defended his WBA, WBC, and IBO titles and failed to break the record with his 21st defending middleweight title against Mexican Alvarez at the T-mobile Arena.

He was defeated - and failed to improve his record, with two of the judges scoring Canelo with 115-113 and deciding the titles to change their holder and the third judge judging 114-114.

"He's a very good boxer, but I'm better and I showed this tonight," Canelo said.

It all depended on the last round. If one of the judges had judged the 12th round for Golovkin instead of Alvarez, the meeting would be draw again and repeat its score from 2017.

At the moment we are talking about the trilogy, ie. The third meeting, which Alvarez said: "If people want another fight, we will go out again."