Sunday 08.11.2020

B1B Action tv Schedule for 08th of November 2020.

SAVEGES, К-1 00:00h.
Oktagon Underground, ММА 00:45h.
AAA, Professional wrestling 02:25h.
Judo tournament 05:55h.
Oktagon Underground, ММА 08:35h.
PFC Ludogorets - PFC Slavia, football, U-19 11:50h.
Hockey grass 13:40h.
Handball Spartak Vn - Levski Sf 16:30h.
NBL Plovdiv, boxing 17:55h.
NBL Teteven, boxing 20:00h.
"Face to face with the champion" with Angel Karaivanov 22:05h.
Oktagon Underground, ММА 22:50h.